Nine things to do in Nashville

If the city of Nashville posted "pace yourself" signs through out the downtown would anyone heed the advice? Doubtful, though they'd be sure to inspire drunken tourists to pose in front for photo ops. There's so much to do, see and hear in Music City it catches you by surprise. It's just too … [Read More...]


Seed to Sausage: this little piggy went to market

Just over a week ago we made a food pilgrimage to the mecca of artisan cured meats, Seed to Sausage. And came home with a variety of locally-sourced, tasty products hand-crafted in Tichborne, Ontario. Sausages infused with apple sage, maple walnut, carmelized onions and red pepper flavours, along … [Read More...]


Dessert for breakfast? A confection for kings!

I love Nathalie Bouchard's kitchen magic! She is the queen of "mise en place." By the time I show up for a video shoot everything looks so simple I'm tempted to try it myself. Here is Nathalie's take on home-made marmalade in candied orange cups. Candied orange cups Tools: candy … [Read More...]

flower garden

Gratitude: tending the garden of mental health

As we approach January 28th (#BellLetsTalk) the digital world is buzzing with facts, figures and stories about depression, mental health and mental illness issues and concerns. And there is an undeniable, unequivocal need for better funding, programming, education and support for people of all age … [Read More...]


Setting a goal that sets you on fire! (figuratively)

Okay, we're mid-way through January, at the point where most new year's resolutions whimper and die. End the suffering now. Put the boots to them, send them off with a hug and flowers, burn them at the stake, write an epic poem, hold an Irish wake or make an announcement in the obituaries, but let … [Read More...]


The Good Food Company: a labour of love

“I told my mother recently that all of my happiest memories involve food—the smells, tastes, even the colours” claims Petra Graber, owner of The Good Food Company, a restaurant she founded in Carleton Place back in 1997. Today, Petra admits “I can't imagine doing anything else. I love what I do, and … [Read More...]


Necessity the mother of invention for Wisteria’s success

Janice Martin had never worked a day of retail in her life prior to launching Wisteria in 2006. Originally trained as a performance pianist at McGill University, Janice gave up performing shortly after marriage. When her two boys were young she taught piano from home, eventually earning her Bachelor … [Read More...]

Linda Morin

Linda Morin: life & womanhood after mastectomy

I caught up with Linda Morin for an interview one sunny afternoon this September past. About a year ago Linda was featured on Kimothy Walker's “Amazing People” series on CTV and she was the subject of a particularly stunning portrait by photographer Michelle Valberg, a photo which graces the cover … [Read More...]


Gratitude 101

After a perfect golden summer weekend I'm compelled to acknowledge the beauty in my life. I'm here, breathing, healthy and alive to ...watch our grandchildren grow ...witness our elders age with grace, humour and honesty ...harvest yet another garden I'm surrounded by waters, blessed … [Read More...]


The taming of the wild perennials!

When we first visited our prospective home, the sellers showed us lovely photos of the perennial gardens in full bloom. They were stunning! Visions of happy hours gardening danced in my head. We … [Read More...]

Cuba Love

I've been putting this post off  for close to two months truth be told. It struck me as unkind, insensitive, snotty and mean-girlish to write about sun-kissed beaches, swim-up bars, tropical … [Read More...]